WooCommerce Now Powers 30% of All Online Stores

Woocommerce and InterspireIn 2015 Woothemes announced that their eCommerce platform, WooCommerce has hit 10 million total downloads and now powers about 30% of all online stores. That is super impressive.

For users of Interspire Email Marketer who have a WooCommerce store you are going to need the “WooCommerce Interspire Email Marketer Product Specific Subscriber Plugin.” This WooCommerce extention allows you to subscribe customers to contact lists in Interspire based on the products purchased.

Within the edit product screen you select the contact list you want correlated with that product and after checkout the customer will be added.

We encourage all our clients to setup unique contact lists for each of your products as you may later want to be able to target or exclude customers of a certain product.

If you are also wondering how you can go about adding the customer to both a product specific list and a core all customers contact list then we have two different ideas.

First, if you require customers have a registered user account in order to checkout then you can use the WordPress User Subscription plugin. It will auto-subscribe all users to a contact list of choice based on a WordPress user type like “customer.”

Second, you could use an advanced trigger to auto subscribe a contact to “main customers list” anytime a new contact is subscribed to “product specific list.”