WooCommerce and Interspire Email Marketer

If you use the popular WooCommerce plugin for your WordPress based shopping cart and also have an installation of Interspire Email Marketer that you use for your email marketing; you are no doubt frustrated with the lack of  integration between these two platforms. There are some WooCommerce extensions that allow you to send some email to customers as follow up from a purchase but you have already invested time and money into your IEM installation and that is where you want all your email marketing to live right?

Our new IEM User Subscription Plugin for WordPress will work as the bridge between these two systems. The plugin works by sending new user information to a designated contact list in IEM anytime a new user is added in WordPress. With WooCommerce every customer is automatically added as a user (under the user type customer) to WordPress.

This plugin is especially helpful because you can map each WordPress user field such as billing address, zip, phone, first and last name, and much more to corresponding custom fields in Interspire Email Marketer. This will allow for greater list segmentation and will make it easier to add triggers, autoresponders, and more based on customer specific data.

Learn more about the product here.