Interspire WordPress Plugin Now Updates User Contact Info to Email Marketer

Many of our clients have been asking for the same feature and we are pleased to announce it’s availability. Now, our Interspire Email Marketer WordPress plugin will not only add new WordPress users to Interspire Email Marketer, it can also update the contact record in Interspire when the user’s meta data changes in WordPress.

The challenge in developing this feature was that Interspire doesn’t allow a contact record to be changed or updated via the XML API. This seemingly makes it impossible to make this work. As a workaround, what we were able to do is to check the Interspire Email Marketer list to see if the contact was already there, if it was, then we delete the contact record and add a new one with the new WordPress User Meta data. This is a perfect solution but it does meet the needs of many of our users. The potential problem would be if you have a series of autoresponders activated on that contact list then everytime the user updates their information in WordPress they would start to get the autoresponders again from scratch. To guard against this potential issue we have given users the option to choose if they wish to enable the feature that updates contact info when WordPress data is changed.

Update Option

Also, as an added benefit the updated plugin will also create a new contact record, and delete the old one, if the WordPress user changes their email address. This ensures that you not only keep the latest information on file but the WordPress user but that you also don’t have duplicate records in Interspire Email Marketer for the same user.