How to Subscribe WordPress Users to Interspire Email Marketer

WordPress now powers over half of the internet and for those of us who love and use Interspire Email Marketer we have spent far too long feeling disconnected.

WordPress Plugin for Interspire Email Marketer

If you are looking for a way to automatically subscribe new WordPress users to your contact list on Interspire Email Marketer you need to check out this WordPress plugin.

It makes it easy to connect each WordPress user type (editor, subscriber, customer, admin, etc) to a contact list in Interspire. Once you have the list selected you can also map different user fields to different custom fields in Interspire.

The process doesn’t take too long to setup.

With a recent update to the plugin you can also set the plugin to automatically update your contact in Interspire Email Marketer when the user’s information is updated in their WordPress user account.