How to Setup New WordPress User Fields

wordpress-logo-notext-rgbA lot of our clients who use our Interspire Email Marketer WordPress plugin get stuck in the setup process because they want to be able to capture and pass through to Interspire various custom fields from WordPress. Sometimes you may want to gather data such as age, or other custom information that is not a custom WordPress user field. There are a large number of plugins out there that can work for the purpose. Here are a few we have done extensive testing with:

  • User Registration Aide: This is a great plugin for creating new fields and for controlling registration forms. It also has a great ability to handle redirects for various users when they login or logout. All around a good plugin.
  • Full Registration Form: This plugin is very simple. It simply adds all the existing WordPress user meta fields to the default registration form. It doesn’t allow you to add new fields or handle redirect.
  • Register Plus Redirex: This is a great plugin as well. Easy to create new fields and registration forms. I prefer the user interface to User Registration Aide and as the name suggests its great at handling redirects. The big drawback is that it has a know incompatibility with WooCommerce which is quickly becoming the eCommerce platform of choice for WordPress users.
  • Simplr User Registration Form: This is a great plugin for building out custom registration forms. Doesn’t seem to be as good at setting up new fields as some of the others.
  • User Meta Pro: This plugin is available for free but if you want the good stuff you should buy the Pro version. The Pro version is the best of all these options we have explored… unless you are too cheap to pay of course. Great for setting up fields and registration forms. Handles login and logout user redirects per user type and makes it easy to setup an account page.

Whatever your goals may be in setting up new user fields or WordPress registration systems the above plugins are a good place to start!