Auto Add Affiliates to Interspire Email Marketer

We recently had a client who wanted to setup an affiliate program on their eCommerce site and ensure that each new affiliate would be automatically added to an Affiliates Contact List in Interspire Email Marketer. Because this client was using WordPress as their foundation we were able to leverage our Interspire WordPress plugin to make this work. This is how we did it.

ix-80One of the best affiliate plugins for WordPress is Affiliates Pro by ITTHINX. This plugin can be compatible a number of eCommerce programs like WooCommerce, WP e-Commerce, TheCartPress, Contact Form 7, and others. It also has a lot of potential addons that you can install that expand it’s functionality. It isn’t the only game in town but it was critical for our client’s needs because it creates a new user type in WordPress called Affiliates. Every time a new user is added as an affiliate they are given that designation within the WordPress user system and that allowed us to connect it to Interspire Email Marketer through our plugin.

Once the Affiliates Pro plugin and our Interspire Email Marketer User Subscription WordPress Plugin was installed we could do the configuration. We simply mapped the Affiliate WordPress user type to a specific contact list in Interspire and mapped the user fields that we wanted to send over. Nothing more to it than that!

If you are using WordPress for an eCommerce site and are considering growing sales through online affiliates this solution might also help you to bridge the gap between the site and your email marketing which will play a huge roll in driving affiliate sales!