6.1.6 Interspire Email Marketer Bug Deletes Lists on Accident

A user in the official forums for Interspire Email Marketer has reported a bug with 6.1.6 and it has been confirmed by other users in the forum. As reported:

With version 6.1.6 as a fresh install with totally empty fresh database etc, created some lists and populated with contacts.

If you go to “Contacts”, “View All Contacts” and then do a search for an address that you know is in all lists, your search returns that address next to each list it appears in.

If you click on the “delete” link at the end of the row for the address in one of the lists, instead of deleting that address from THAT list, instead it deletes THAT ENTIRE LIST.

I was very lucky that this happened only a couple weeks after importing contacts, so I could create the list again, and import the contacts again, but obviously some contacts had unsubscribed, and this information was lost, so they were added back in as Active contacts.

This is a VERY serious bug and I’m quite surprised that no-one else has experienced it.

I am going to open a support ticket to see if I can get someone to actually look at it.

Please exercise great caution when deleted users from lists. Instead of doing this from the search page, go to the specific contact list and “view contacts” for that list only. From that screen you should be able to delete contacts from that list without deleting the entire list or other unintended contacts.