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David Welzman

The team at IEM Addons is very dedicated to support and customer service. I can’t speak for all their different products but I’m happy with the WP Plugin and I can assure you that if you contact them they will respond and if you need support they will do everything in their power to help you.

We have all bought products where the support was nill, the support and service I received was more than I had ever received before, and when you purchase a product for your website and business you need fast, trustworthy service that’s reliable and that’s what I found with Jacob. If you have any doubts – email/contact me, I am happy to answer any questions from people considering buying these products.

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Stephen H.

WOW, I cant believe you guys did so much to get this working. Its like having my own personal team of developers. Just kidding but really.

I am so grateful for the massive actions you performed to solve my problem.

You guys absolutely with out a shadow of a doubt have saved me loads of immediate grief and thinking success as I do, you have saved me thousands of the green stuff $$$ in future services which are no longer needed.

ABSOLUTELY AWESOME – More Power and Success to you guys, you definitely deserve it.

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