Auto Add Affiliates to Interspire Email Marketer

We recently had a client who wanted to setup an affiliate program on their eCommerce site and ensure that each new affiliate would be automatically added to an Affiliates Contact List in Interspire Email Marketer. Because this client was using WordPress as their foundation we were able to leverage our Interspire WordPress plugin to make this work. This is how we did it.

Interspire WordPress Plugin Now Updates User Contact Info to Email Marketer

Many of our clients have been asking for the same feature and we are pleased to announce it’s availability. Now, our Interspire Email Marketer WordPress plugin will not only add new WordPress users to Interspire Email Marketer, it can also update the contact record in Interspire when the user’s meta data changes in WordPress.

WooCommerce and Interspire Email Marketer

Woocommerce and Interspire

If you use the popular WooCommerce plugin for your WordPress based shopping cart and also have an installation of Interspire Email Marketer that you use for your email marketing; you are no doubt frustrated with the lack of integration between these two platforms. There are some WooCommerce extensions that allow you to send some email to customers as follow up from a purchase but you have already invested time and money into your IEM installation and that is where you want all your email marketing to live right?