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How to Setup New WordPress User Fields

Sometimes you may want to gather data such as age, or other custom information that is not a custom WordPress user field. There are a large number of plugins out there that can work for the purpose. Here are a few we have done extensive testing with:

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Woocommerce and Interspire

WooCommerce and Interspire Email Marketer

If you use the popular WooCommerce plugin for your WordPress based shopping cart and also have an installation of Interspire Email Marketer that you use for your email marketing; you are no doubt frustrated with the lack of integration between these two platforms. There are some WooCommerce extensions that allow you to send some email […]

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How to Insert Interspire Email Forms in WordPress

Sometimes it can be frustrating when you try to insert advanced (or even basic) HTML code into WordPress pages and posts. Even if you switch the editor over to the Text tab and paste in your code you run the high possibility that when you update the page/post or switch back to visual editing mode […]

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