Setup and Configuration Instructions

Plugin Installation:

This installs the same as any other WordPress plugin

Download the plugin zip file from your account page after checkout

Via WordPress visit the Plugins menu and click on “Add New”

Via the Upload option navigate your computer and find the zip file

Install and Activate the plugin


Plugin Configuration:

Look for the plugin settings menu under “Tools”

Enter your API Credentials from Interspire Email Marketer

Find these credentials under the user account “Advanced Settings.” Note that only the system admin enable and view user’s XML settings.

Enable XML for User Account

Click on Save Changes.

Now, next to each User Type you wish to configure use the pull down menu to select an email contact list.

Click on the “Edit Fields” button.

Each of your custom fields from Interspire Email Marketer will be displayed with a pull down menu.

Use the pull down menu to map the corresponding WordPress User Meta field to that custom field.

Click on Save Changes.


Watch this Configuration Video for Additional Directions:

Plugin Configuration