Copy Autoresponders to New Contact List Addon – Updated for IEM v8


This addon makes it easy and fast to quickly copy an entire series of autoresponders from one list to another with a push of a button. Install the addon and you will find a new tool in the Autoresponder menu called “Copy Autoresponders.”


Copying an autoresponder from one contact list to another can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Traditionally, the process involves manually copying the entire HTML code of the campaign and pasting it into a new autoresponder on the target list. If managing a series of autoresponders, this could take hours of meticulous work.

To streamline this process, we’ve introduced a new addon that significantly simplifies the task. With this innovative tool, you can swiftly copy an entire series of autoresponders from one list to another at the click of a button. Once installed, a new feature, “Copy Autoresponders,” will be accessible in the Autoresponder menu, transforming what was once a labor-intensive process into a quick and effortless task.

Updated for IEM v8 (may work with v7 but not tested)

copy autoresponder to list


Features Include:

  • Effortless transfer of all the autoresponders to your chosen contact list.
  • Autoresponders copied to the new list are initially set to inactive status.
  • The autoresponder schedule, detailing when messages are sent to contacts, is also replicated.
  • We have tested copying up to 100 autoresponders at the same time without issue. It moves FAST.


Addon / Plugin / Modified Core Files?

This product is an Interspire Email Marketer Addon

To learn about the difference please read this guide.


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Known Compatibility Issues if Any:

No current issues known. Tested on Interspire v8 but should work with v7 as well.


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