Advanced Triggers Addon


This new addon gives you more flexibility to create triggers based on opens and clicks with autoresponders as well as based on subscriptions to contact lists or segments. More details below.


Triggers, which have always been a part of the Interspire Email Marketer application, allow you to create if/then statements that automate tasks. For example, if you wanted to automatically send an email to a contact on their birthday you were able to do that by creating a trigger where the If statement was “On the date in the birthday date field” and the Then statement was “Send the Happy Birthday Email Campaign.”

By default Interspire Email Marketer included the following triggers with the following if statements:

  • Based on Contact Date Field (contact list)
  • Based on Specific Date
  • Based on a link being clicked in an email campaign
  • Based on an email campaign being opened

With this new Advanced Triggers Addon you can also run triggers based on these if statements:

  • Based on Contact Date Field  in a segment
  • Based on a subscription to contact list
  • Based on a subscription to a segment
  • Based on an autoresponder being opened
  • Based on a link being clicked  in a autoresponder

The same then statements remain as have always previous existed which are:

  • Send an email campaign
  • Add the contact to an additional list(s)
  • Remove the contact from the contact list that they are in

So this creates a lot of new options. For example you may have a specific opt-in form on your website that you want to have contacts added to two unique contact lists. The first list being very specific to that website or product but the second list being your more broad and complete contact list. Before this would have been very difficult to arrange but now you can create a trigger that will run every time someone is added to list A and will automatically add them to list B for you. You can also now run triggers based on autoresponders being opened or links within autoresponders being clicked on.

We have also discontinued our old product “Unsubscribe on Subscribe” since this new set of triggers includes the ability to remove a contact from one list when they are subscribed to a different list.

Combined with our “Re-Engagement Campaign Addon” you can now move inactive contacts to a re-engagement list and then move them back to the primary contact list if they open one of the re-engagement autoresponders.

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