What is the Interspire API and How Do I Use It

One of the advantages of Interspire Email Marketer is it’s XML API. The Interspire API allows you to be able to send data to and from the Interspire Email Marketer installation from an outside website or program via XML requests.

An example of how this can be utilized can be found in our Interspire WordPress plugin. This plugin works without making any changes to your Interspire installation because it calls on the existing Interspire XML API to process the user subscriptions.

Enable XML for User AccountIn order to work with the API you will need to get your XML Credentials. Only the system admin can retrieve XML credentials for any user since they can only be found in the user account settings.

Once activated (See Image) each user will have a XML username (same as user account username), password (same as account password) and a XML token which will display after the box is checked.

Custom integration can be developed for a large number of applications based on the needs of the user. Currently the Interspire API allows for the following types of requests:

  • Add Subscriber to List: Subscribe a new subscriber to an existing contact list in Interspire
  • Add FetchStats: Gathers statistics from an email campaign
  • Check Token Works: This example will check to make sure that the token that you are using is a valid token
  • Delete Subscriber: This will delete a subscriber from a given contact list
  • Get Custom Field Data: This will retrieve all the custom fields associated with a given contact list
  • Update Subscribers: Finds subscriber and updates fields
  • Get Lists: This example will retrieve a list of all the Contact Lists that are located in Interspire Email Marketer for that user and return formatted XML with the data found.
  • Create user: Creates a new user
  • Get Subscribers: This will retrieve a count of the amount of Contacts on the list in question as well as a list of all
    the Contacts that are located in that list and return formatted XML with the data found
  • Is Contact On List: This will check to see if a particular Contact is located on a particular Contact List

The full API documentation from Interspire can be downloaded here: Interspire XML API Documentation

Also, you can click IEM API XML PHP FILES to download a handful of example PHP files that Interspire has provided.

If you are looking to develop a new tool that works with the Interspire Email Marketer API our team would love the chance to bid on the project. Contact us today.

6 thoughts on “What is the Interspire API and How Do I Use It”

  1. Hi Guys,

    Thank you for the blogpost, Since you have experience with the Interspire API I was wondering if you could help me out with a problem. I can’t find the right tag to limit the results from a search inside a list. I tried the inside a GetSubscribers request but it didn’t work. Since we have about 2 million adresses in the database (500k a list) it would be nice if we could limit he output a bit.

    Do you have any idea how to do this with the API? Thanks for you help!


    • Niels,

      I’m not aware of any way to do that with the current API. With some development its possible that one could alter the API and allow for it.


  2. Hi Guys,

    Great article – is there a way to record a bounce in a specific campaign through XML API?


    • No, the API be default doesn’t have any way to record bounces. That would take some custom development.

  3. Thanks for share,I have a problem that how can to auto update template to send email.Because of contents of email will get from my site and changes every day .

    • If the changing content from your site is in the form of a RSS feed you could use our RSS Campaign Addon. If it is static page content then I’m not sure how you could do that.

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