The Interspire Email Marketer Online Forum

If you use Interspire Email Marketer you will likely need support on occasion. You may be looking for help on a bug or you might be trying to find some suggestions about a SMTP provider. Either way you are likely to find the support you need in the Interspire Email Marketer customer forum.

user forumThe customer forum is hosted on the Interspire website and requires user registration in order to search or comment within the forum itself. There is a strong user base of registered users although with the relatively low amount of recent development around the product there is much less chatter today on the forum than there was in the past. Still, its a good place to check to see if others have had the same issues you may be experiencing or if a new custom solution you are seeking has already been developed.

Furthermore, after registering you can subscribe to any topic within the forum itself. This is helpful as you will get email notifications when other users post things that may be useful to you or to which you may have a thoughtful solution to give them in response.

Visit the Interspire Email Marketer Forum today and get registered and subscribed!