Should You Use External Tracking and Link Shorteners

tracking urls in email marketingThis is a recent question that came from one of our clients. What they are wondering is if they should use a link tracking service like or something similar in their email campaigns within Interspire Email Marketer.

Obviously Interspire Email Marketer already tracks the clicks on links within HTML campaigns by generating a new and unique URL for every link within your campaign. So why would you want to use a different service?

Easier and Faster to Re-Route Traffic

One of the biggest reasons would be to have the option to change where people are going at any point after the campaign has been sent. If you send a successful email campaign and it drives so much traffic to your site that your server crashes… or for any reason your site is down it would be nice to be able to change where the traffic is being sent. If you are using a link tracker you may be able to do that.

Ability to Split the Traffic

Many link tracking services also have the ability to split the traffic. You can create a single tracking URL but tell the program to split your traffic to two different destination URLs.

The Potential Danger?

Why don’t we generally encourage this? It is generally believed that the Email Service Providers view these trackable URLs as an indicator of SPAM and thus doing so could increase your chances of NOT getting to the inbox.