Setting Up “Please Confirm Subscription” Emails in Interspire

confirm subscription in interspire email marketerDouble Opt-In email marketing is very important. While currently in the USA the email marketing law doesn’t require you to have explicit permission to start sending marketing emails, its still highly regarded as a best practice to seek out permissions from contacts before adding them actively to email campaigns. Within the Interspire Email Marketer dashboard this can be a little confusing the first time you set it up. Before we get into the tutorial let me outline some applications when you might do this.

When you are manually adding contacts and want them to receive an email inviting them to subscribe to a contact list.

When you are importing a large list of contacts and want them to receive an email inviting them to subscribe to a contact list.

When you want contact to get multiple email invites until they finally confirm. IE: Email 1 “Please confirm your subscription.” Email 2 “Don’t forget to Open this email and confirm.” Email 3 “This is your last chance to confirm.”

The best way to setup this type of campaign is using the “unconfirmed” status option and a customized autoresonder or series of autoresponders. The first step is to add a new autoresponder to your contact list. Select the option to only send to “Only Contacts Who Match My Criteria.” After selecting this option a group of new options will appear below based on the fields that have been added to that list.

Use the option “Use Confirmed Status” and change the dropdown box to “Unconfirmed.”

When editing the actual copy of the autoresponder you can use the custom fields tool to add a confirm link. That link, when clicked, will change the contact’s status from unconfirmed to confirmed. Setup as many of those autoresponders as you would like in the series.

Now, when adding contacts who should receive the confirmation email(s) just mark them as unconfirmed when adding manually or when importing from a file.