Moving Interspire Email Marketer to HTTPS Secure

If you are considering updating your server and installation of Interspire Email Marketer this guide is for you.

The move to HTTPS protocol will not only give your users a greater sense of security but it will also increase deliverability and decrease issues with tracked links being blocked by spam and anti-virus software.

First You Need A SSL Certificate

A SSL Certificate needs to be purchased and installed on the server to confirm to the browser of your visitors that the site is indeed secured. Your host most likely will sell you a SSL certificate and install it for you. If you have some sort of dedicated hosting or something along those lines then I’m guessing you already posess the know how to install a SSL certificate or can figure it out with a quick Google Search.

Once done test the SSL certificate by typing in https:// on your Interspire installation. Assuming that works and your browser shows the lock/secure icon you know it is installed properly.

Second You Need To Force All Web Traffic to Direct to HTTPS

There are a variety of techniques to redirect all http traffic to https traffic. You may be able to use a service like Cloudflare, add some DNS settings, or use a rule in your htaccess file. There is endless online documentation of each of these techniques that may be more useful to you depending on your host, DNS configurations, etc.

Lastly You Need to Update Your Application URL to https://

Even though your server is now redirecting all traffic to HTTPS urls there will still be some issues with your application if you don’t “set” the application URL to the new https URL. This is easily done by updating your config.php file located in IEM/admin/includes/config.php. Open this file and update the application URL from http:// to https://

Your domain hasn’t changed so you don’t need to make any changes to your Interspire License.

2 thoughts on “Moving Interspire Email Marketer to HTTPS Secure”

  1. I would also recommend to do these queries 🙂

    UPDATE email_newsletters SET htmlbody = replace(htmlbody, ‘’, ‘’);

    UPDATE email_templates SET htmlbody = replace(htmlbody, ‘’, ‘’);

    UPDATE email_autoresponders SET htmlbody = replace(htmlbody, ‘’, ‘’);

    UPDATE email_form_pages SET html = replace(html, ‘’, ‘’);

  2. Excellent and useful post thank you. I have just moved my Interspire Email Marketer to a new host with SSL (HTTPS) and followed your steps above.

    I found that when I hadn’t changed the config.php to https from http for the application URL, the view campaign email links opened to a blank screen. I changed the application URL to https and now the campaign email can be viewed normally.

    Also the Tools > Check Database and Tools > Check Permissions functions wouldn’t work.

    I looked at Jasper’s suggestion above using PHPMyAdmin to examine my image links in tables email_newsletters, etc. Then you can use the SQL function in PHPMyAdmin to run Jasper’s queries.

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