Interspire Rolls Out Email Marketer 6.1.5

There is still some hope that Interspire has not abandoned their community of Interspire Email Marketer users. They are committing to rolling out updates on a more regular basis and the community is grateful for this renewed attention to their product. In late September of 2014 Interspire released the update 6.1.5 for Interspire Email Marketer which primarily consists of bug fixes.

Here is the list of changes that Interspire posted to the community forum.

– Fixed bug with multiple “opened” a campaign segment rules
– Added check to deny users from sending preview emails if they do not have send email permission (spambot prevention)
– Fixed bug with paste from word in tinymce
– Fixed bug in display of radio type custom fields
– Fixed typo in survey form template
– Fixed bug with autoresponder filter checkboxes
– Fixed bug in display of autoresponder click through rate
– Fixed resource error raised during maintenance cron job
– Fixed javascript errors caused by the alert template file
– Fixed password label on login form
– Fixed bug with validating user account names on create/edit
– Updated information
– Addded error message for existing subscriber in xml addsubscribertolist method

Here are the effected files:

M admin/addons/surveys/templates/survey_form.tpl
M admin/com/language/default/login.php
M admin/com/language/default/newsletters.php
M admin/com/language/default/whitelabel.php
M admin/com/lib/IEM.class.php
M admin/com/lib/Maintenance.class.php
M admin/com/templates/errormsg.tpl
M admin/com/templates/login.tpl
M admin/com/templates/successmsg.tpl
M admin/com/templates/warningmsg.tpl
M admin/com/upgrades/20130816/update_db_version.php
A admin/com/upgrades/20140909/update_db_version.php
M admin/functions/api/subscribers.php
M admin/functions/api/upgrade.php
M admin/functions/remote_stats.php
M admin/functions/sendstudio_functions.php
M admin/functions/users.php
D admin/images/smtp_com_logo.gif
A admin/images/smtp_com_logo.png
M admin/includes/js/tiny_mce/plugins/paste/editor_plugin.js
M admin/includes/js/tiny_mce/plugins/paste/editor_plugin_src.js
M changelog.txt
M version.txt
M xml.php

M = Modifierd
A = Added
D = Deleted

There are some concerns about compatibility with a handful of custom products and development for many of our customers. We are looking at each one by one but for the majority of our products we build them as addons and they are not effected by these simple releases. We look forward to your feedback and thoughts.