How to Upgrade Interspire Email Marketer

UpdateIf you need to update your install of Interspire Email Marketer to the latest version but have concerns about losing data this tutorial is for you. If you have any custom addons you may want to check with the developer of those addons to ensure they will be compatible with the latest version of Interspire before you start the upgrade process.

The first thing you should do before you make any changes is to perform a full backup of Interspire Email Marketer. Click on the following link for a full Backup tutorial:

–>How to Backup Interspire Email Marketer

Once you have completed the backup extract the files of the latest version of Intesrpire Email Marketer uninstall any custom addons you had previously installed. Then via FTP upload the new files to your directory and overwrite the files. This will not delete your custom files like all the images you have uploaded from past campaigns. It will only change the files that are core files and are different in the latest version of Interspire Email Marketer. You will need to restore the admin/includes/config.php from the previous version. This is the file that allows the application to speak to the database.

You will want to double check the file permissions for the following folders… sometimes they will revert back to 755.

Folders, CHMOD these to 757:

  • /admin/temp/
  • /admin/com/storage

Note: Although it says 757, some webhosts may require 775 or 777 instead

If you have any custom addons you can attempt to reinstall them. It is possible that your custom addons may not be compatible with the newest version of Interspire. If you run into a snag contact the developer of those addons.