How to Subscribe Users to Multiple Lists Without Showing Them Contact List Options

This is a common problem for a marketer using Interspire Email Marketer. You have a web form where people opt-in to your contact list but you want to automatically add them to more than one list. Perhaps one list is your primary sending list and the other is just for subscribers that came from this particular ad campaign, website, or form. You can of course build a web form and put both contact lists in the form but this will add another point of entry for the user and give them the choice of being on one or both lists. Not Effective At All.

The easiest way to achieve the multi-contact list subscribe is to use our advanced triggers addon. You can create a Subscribe on Subscribe trigger that will automatically add a user to any contact list(s) after they are subscribed to any contact list you designate. By doing this you can select just a single contact list when building the web form in Interspire and then setup the trigger to copy the contact to the other lists you want to add them to.

subscribe on subscribe trigger

As an alternative, read our blog post about how to edit the web form code to hide the contact list options. This has mixed results but is a common workaround for those who don’t have and/or don’t want to invest in our addon.