How to Remove or Change the Email Marketing by Interspire in Web Forms

Each time you generate a web form inside of Interspire Email Marketer it is followed by code that reads:

“Email Marketing by Interspire” in which the words Email Marketing are hyperlinked back to Interspire’s website. I can’t imagine why you would buy a license from Interspire and then do them a favor by linking back to their site everywhere that you put a web optin form. This is the kind of thing that you should be able to find and change in the White Label settings but you cannot. It is bad form on the part of Interspire making it hard to find and edit that piece of code but here is how to do it.

Go to this file in your Interspire installation:


Open this file and go to line 143. Look for the line that begins “LNG_Form_Branding content.”

In this line you will see the code that is auto inserted into your email web forms. You can remove that code or you can replace it. Save the file and you will be all set.