How To Create a Language Pack for Interspire Email Marketer

One of the greatest benefits of Interspire Email Marketer is the ability to operate the program in your language of choice. To do this does however require some translation work unless you can find an existing language pack translated into your language of choice. This doesn’t happen too often since most people who create a translation are out to make a few bucks selling their work. Nothing wrong with that but it does mean you will need to shop around or do it yourself.

The actual process isn’t too complicated. Download the language folder located at:


Open this folder and open each file one by one and translate each phrase/word in these files. Look for a string like this:

define(‘LNG_AutorespondersManage’, ‘View Autoresponders’);

and translate the ‘View Autoresponders’ to your language of choice. So in Spanish this would become:

define(‘LNG_AutorespondersManage’, ‘Ver autorespuestas’);

It is a tedious process and if you lack the ability to translate it yourself you may be most cost effective to bid the project out on Freelancer or Elance. You can also check the Interspire official customer forum. There is a sub-forum topic dedicated to language packs but you won’t turn up too much there.

If you are looking for a way to allow each user to be able to view Interspire in the language of their choice within one install you can do that via the Maborak Language Addon.