How to Change Out Templates on An Autoresponder Series

In Interspire Email Marketer, as is with most email marketing programs, your email campaigns and autoresponders are coded in HTML. There are a variety of different templates that you can use in designing your emails. Changing out those templates after the email has already been created is not very simple. Your unique content (text and images) are not framed into a template in a way that one can just change out the frame and keep the content. They are one single unit of HTML code. This is necessary to achieve the greatest delivery rates and compatibility with the various email service providers.

Due to that challenge it requires some manual labor to change out the template on any given email campaign. If you have a series of autoresponders you will have to repeat this process for each of the emails in your list.

Step 1: Select Your New Template or Create Your Own

Within the dashboard visit the “Templates” link in the top right menu and select “View Built In Email Templates.”

Scroll through the various system templates to find one you like.

Step 2: Copy the HTML Code for that New Template

Create a new Email Campaign. Use a campaign name like “testing new template” and chose your selected template. Click Next.

In the email campaign editor click on the “HTML” button in the editor.


This will produce a popup screen full of HTML code. Copy ALL the code in the pop up window and paste it into a generic text editor. On Windows machines you can use the default “Notepad” application found in your start menu under “Accessories.”

Copy HTML Content

You can now cancel and exit this current email campaign editor.

Step 3: Open Your Original Email in a New Window for Easy Viewing

When looking at your Email Campaign in the dashboard, click on the view option to open your campaign in a new tab/window. This will show you how your campaign looks to the recipient.

Step 5: Paste In New HTML Code in Original Email

Now, Click on the “Edit” option to open up the editor for your email. Proceed to the edit screen where you can make edits to your campaign. Click on the HTML button again to open the HTML edit screen.


Delete all the HTML in this window and paste in the HTML that you previously pasted into the text editor from the new template.

Click “Update” and you should now have the default template in your editor.

Step 6: Copy back in Core Content (Images & Text)

Toggle back and forth between the other open window where you can still see your original email and copy and paste in your content and images.

*NOTE: In order to ensure that your text adapts to the new text font and size of the new template be sure to paste in via the “Plain Text” tool. This will prevent the copied text from “bringing” the original font and other code with it to your new template.

Paste As Plain Text

Also, make other template related changes like inserting your company and other information in the footer, adding an unsubscribe or other template links. Add your logo or links to Facebook or your website as well.

Don’t forget to also edit the Text version of your email.

Step 7: Save Email Campaign

When you have your new template just the way you want it be sure to save it. Clicking on the save button will permanently delete your old version. You can now close that alternative window/tab that you had open with the old version.

Step 8: Repeat as Necessary

If Editing Multiple Email Campaigns or Autoresponders  with this same template then you should copy the HTML from the first email campaign you have updated and use that HTML to start each of your subsequent campaigns. (At the end of Step 6) This can prevent doing some of the same things over each time like adding links to your Facebook page or changing a signature at the bottom of each email.