How to Build Your Own Custom Interspire Email Marketer Template

It will make sense to build yourself a custom template that you can use for sending ongoing email to your list. Something that matches your brand’s colors, includes your logos, links to social networks, and a footer that you like. The best way to do this is to build a custom template. If you make all those edits in an email campaign it will be harder to duplicate in the future instead of just having a new custom template to work from.

Creating Custom HTML Interspire Email Templates

Start by clicking on Templates in the top menu and then on “Create a Custom Template”


Next you will have these three options:

  1. Pick an existing template in the system to start from
  2. Start from a blank canvas and import your HTML code or build it from nothing
  3. Click on the Template Builder to use the Drag and Drop layout builder (Only Available if you have our HTML Template Builder Addon)

When you proceed you will have your standard Interspire Email Marketer editor screen. You can click on the HTML button if you want to work directly on the code or to paste in code from an exterior program. If you are using our Template Builder follow the instructions to drag and drop each of the modules you want and arrange them according to your desire. Then select the in table and background colors.

When you are done with your template save it. Moving forward each time you create a new email campaign or autoresponder you will see your new template listed among the options of templates.

If You Already Have A Customized Email Campaign Template and Need to Save it As A System Template

If you have a past email that you would like to save as a new template go to that email campaign and click on edit. When you get to the editor screen click on the HTML button. Highlight all of that content and copy it. Close the HTML popup window and click on cancel editing the campaign. Go to the custom template builder (per the above mentioned steps). Create a new template from scratch. Click on the HTML button and paste in the copied code.