How to Add Contact to Multiple Lists From Form Without Contact List Choices

Sometimes you want to add a new contact to multiple contact lists from a web form without giving them the choice to select from a list of checkboxes. This can be done by using custom HTML code to hide the contact list options and auto-checking them. Let me explain:

First you need to create your form like you normally would. When in the create form screen you will select each of the contact lists you want to add someone to. This will generate a new option called “List Choices” in your form. (See image below)

Create Form Page

When you output your form HTML and put it on a page it will look something like this:

list choices form

Now we are going to edit the HTML code output for the form.

First find this code:

<td>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Contact Lists:</td>


Next Find this code:

<td><label for=”lists_96″><input type=”checkbox” id=”lists_96″ name=”lists[]” value=”96″ />&nbsp;Test List</label></td>

Modify it in two ways. First add the qualifier “” and then add the word checked in order to default that as checked. See below (underlined here only to emphasize).

<td><label for=”lists_96″><input type=”checkbox” style=“display:none;” id=”lists_96″ name=”lists[]” value=”96″ checked/>&nbsp;Test List</label></td>

Next Delete the Label/List name from the end of the code like so:

<td><label for=”lists_96″><input type=”checkbox” style=“display:none;” id=”lists_96″ name=”lists[]” value=”96″ checked/></label></td>

Repeat these last three steps for each checkbox or list in your code (One per contact list).

Also delete this code that is likely between each contact list



And You are Done! Your form should now look something like this:

New Form

But it will add the contact to ALL the contact lists that you built into, and hid, from the form. Give yourself a pat on the back for having found this blog post and done something really smart.