Guide to Understanding Email Campaign Statistics

explanation of interspire statsIf you have ever has one of your Interspire Email Marketer clients or users ask you a hard question about how the statistics and ratios are calculated by default in Interspire Email Marketer this article will act as your guide. Copy and paste the below and send it over :).

Sent To:

This is the total number of actual email addresses the campaign was sent to. It will be displayed as XXXX, of XXXX. The first number reflects the actual number of unique contacts to which the campaign was sent. The second number reflects the original number of contacts expected to send to when the campaign was scheduled for send. If the numbers are different it could because a number of contacts were either added or removed from the list between the time the campaign was scheduled and sending commenced.

Total Opens and Unique Opens:

Total opens reflects the total times any given campaign was opened where the Total Unique Opens is the unique number of contacts who opened the campaign. So, if Total Unique Opens is 500 and Total Opens is 800 you could summarize it by stating that 500 unique contacts opened the email 800 times. This of course means that many contacts must have opened the email more than once. Also consider that if one of your contacts receives the campaign and forwards the email to others and they open the email it will count that open toward total opens but not total unique opens as it appears to the software to be the same contact.

Average Opens:

The average opens is calculated by dividing the Total Opens by the number of contacts the campaign was sent to. This number is rounded to the nearest 10th decimal point. Thus this number is a reflection of on average how many opens were there per contact that was sent the email.

Open Rate:

Calculated as Unique Opened / Sent To. Thus this represents the percentage of UNIQUE contacts that have opened this campaign.

Total Clicks:

The total number of clicks on any link by any contact for that given campaign. If one contact clicked on 3 links that counts as 3 clicks. If another contact clicks on just one link 5 times that also counts as 3 clicks.

Individual Links that have been clicked:

How many unique links from that campaign received at least one click from any contact.

Total Unique Clicks:

This would be better labeled as Total Unique Contacts that Clicked as it reflects the number of unique contacts that have clicked on any link during the period.

Average Clicks (Per Email Open):

Calculated as Total Clicks / Unique Opens. Thus this represents the number of clicks on average per contact that opened the campaign.

Click-through Rate:

Calculated as Unique Clicks / Sent To. Thus this represents the ratio of the the contacts who received the campaign that clicked on any given link at least once.