Do not Copy Email Campaigns Endlessly – Create New

It saves a lot of time when you need to create a new email campaign to just go to your last campaign and click on copy… but this is not the best thing to do.

Copy Emails Interspire Email Marketer

Images and Attachments Get Copied As Well

When a new email campaign is created in Interspire Email Marketer it creates a new folder on your server. Within this folder are stored all images that you upload to that email campaign or autoresponder. When you copy an existing autoresponder or email campaign you also copy everything in that folder including images. For example, if you send out an email newsletter once per week to your contacts and on average you add two images to each newsletter then after only one month you will have 8 images saved into a folder that you don’t need for that campaign. After a year you would have 104 images that you are copying into a new folder on your server that you don’t need. Over time this creates endless numbers of copies of the same image and it takes up space on your server that slows down the application and costs you money. If you create a new campaign or autoresponder each time from a template then you don’t have to worry about creating extra copies of the images.

Inherit Potential Code Issues

Each time you work on a new email campaign or autoresponder you also have a tendency to tweak fonts, add new lines and tables etc. Over time this can really play with your formatting and html code. Each time you copy the campaign you are inheriting any potential issues or problems. Over time this leads to a slow digression away from the original template.

This is why it is best to create a starting custom template that you love and then create a new campaign from scratch each time with your template.