Date Error in Interspire Email Marketer API

Recently our developer ran into a snag while working on a new addon for a client. The addon was supposed to import new subscribers from a 3rd party service into Interspire via the API. We’ve done a few other projects like this in the past so it was driving us crazy that it wouldn’t work.

The issue we discovered is a bug within the API of Interspire in which any attempt to add a subscriber along with a date custom field data will be unsuccessful.

The bug can be resolved by replacing one piece of code:

Replace line 602 of xml.php (version 6.1.3)

Replace: if($details[‘value’] !== false){$details[‘value’] = $details[‘value’][0].“/”.$details[‘value’][1].“/”.$details[‘value’][2];} 

With: if($details[‘value’] !== false){$details[‘value’] = $details[‘value’][‘dd’].“/”.$details[‘value’][‘mm’].“/”.$details[‘value’][‘yy’];} 

We found this documented in the official Interspire forums where a user had previously found and resolved the issue. I’m publishing it here in hopes that everyone looking for this solution will be able to find it!

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