Controlling Font Size in Interspire Email Marketer

If you are having some issues getting your fonts to be the desired size in Interspire Email Marketer this tutorial is for you. By default the Interspire editor does some interesting things when you try to change the font size.

Right now the editor for Interspire Email Marketer has a font size selector drop down menu that looks like this:

font size selector interspire email marketer


Using that selector I wrote the following text, editing each line to be the font size as it states:

different font sizes

Now a look at the HTML that was generated by that editor yields this:

font size code

So while the user intends to specify a certain size of text instead that is being coded using xx-small or x-large in the code. This has several drawbacks.

For one it isn’t versatile. What if you want a font size of 20? Or 48? You don’t have that option in this editor.

Instead you can edit the code directly using¬†inline styling for the emails. Where the current font size is listed replace it with a numeric text size and “px” at the end to indicate pixels. So for example we would change this:

<span style=”font-size: small;”>

to this:

<span style=”font-size: 12px;”>¬†

With that technique you can freely change the font size to anything you wish and it will be compatible with different email clients and browsers!