Cleaning Broken Email Addresses

One of the more common reasons an email campaign can’t be fully sent is because there are contacts on the contact list that don’t have valid email addresses. If you don’t use double opt-in in your web forms it will be common for subscribers to occasionally have typos in their email addresses. Things like using a comma instead of a period in the domain (hotmail,com) or putting spaces where they shouldn’t be (yahoo com OR jacob [email protected]).

These types of email addresses will not work and thus will cause the campaign to not send fully to the contact list. When that is the case you can easily get a list of the contacts that are causing the issue so you can fix or remove them from the contact list.

First, click on the red flag next to the email campaign in the “View Campaigns” page.

You will then get a Campaign Sending Report that will tell you how many contacts did not receive the email.

Click on the link for more information and you will get a popup window.

bad email contacts

For me, if it is very clear what the mistake was (as it is in the above three examples) then I will correct the contacts records. If there is a space however in the part of the email address proceeding the at symbol it is hard to know if that space should be removed or replaced with a period or underscore. In those cases I’m prone to delete the contact record.