Analyze An Email List by Domain Names – Interspire

One very cool and relatively hidden feature of Interspire Email Marketer is the “Top Domain Confirmed Contacts” report. The purpose of this report is to give you some clear insight on who your subscribers are. If you have a professional B2B style contact list this could also paint a picture of what companies your contacts work for.

To access the report click on Statistics and then on Contact List Statistics. See image:

Contact List Statistics

When you load the report click on the second tab on the top and Viola, there is your report. The pie chart will show you your top 10 domain names on that contact list for the selected period of time. Below you will see the full report. If you are curious about any given domain that may or may not be showing on the report you can also create a contact segment with “Email Address Contains” and the you are looking for.

Top 10 Domains