Always Repeat Your Call to Action

email call to action tipsOne of the most simple techniques of email marketing is also the most effective. Repeating your call to action. Often times in the body of your email campaign when you come to the point when many readers are going to be reach to click and take action many others will not be ready.

What should you do? Insert the call to action and then continue with additional information for those who are not yet convinced. Then insert the call to action again… and continue the same pattern at least twice. So the end format might look like this:


Sales Copy here

->Click here call to action

More Sales Copy here

->Another click call to action

More Sales Copy here

->Another click call to action

Each call to action should be phrased slightly differently so as to try different “triggers” that work with different types of consumers. So the first might be simply put “click here now,” the second might be more specific “Click here to learn more about this product,” and another call to action might be more in-line such as “This is the product I love the most.”

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