Add A Video Thumbnail to Emails to Increase Click Through

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Creating videos to go along with sales pages or other online content tends to increase user engagement, interaction, and time on site. Videos can also serve to increase email opens and click through.

Use A Video to Increase Open Rate

As all email marketers know the only real factor to driving a stronger open rate is your email subject line. You can leverage the fact that you have a video within the subject line copy. Adding the words “Video Inside” or simply [VIDEO] to the subject line will always increase open rate.

Use a Video Thumbnail to Increase Click Through

Taking a still screenshot of your video (a thumbnail) and imposing a Play button png image over it will drive people to click on that image.

Intuitively most people know that they can’t watch a video inside of their email. Even if the image appears to be a video with a play button most users know it will lead them to a new web page where they will be able to watch the video. Despite this, there is something psychological in the human that makes us more inclined to click on that play button that we would be to click on a normal text based hyperlink.