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    Violation of these rules may result in your account being terminated… and we just won’t like you very much.

    • No Foul Language.
    • No non-related advertising. If you developed and sell some awesome Interspire Email Marketer related stuff that is cool. Post it where it is appropriate but we don’t want to hear about your home based business opportunity etc…
    • No over posting. If you have something to say or ask just do it once and sincerely try to find the most appropriate forum or topic to place it in. If you paste the same question etc in 10 different places that is against the rules
    • We are going to email you stuff. After you setup your user account we will add you to our email list and send you emails about our own Interspire Email Marketer products. You can unsubscribe at any time… but hey this is your fair warning.
    • This forum is not an active support forum. While we encourage all forum users to contribute where possible we make no promise or commitment to monitor and respond to questions or requests for support. If you are a customer of a product and need support for that product please visit our support link above and submit a ticket. If you need support from Interspire you need to go to their website and contact their support team.
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