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    Hi, has anyone had any issues after upgrading to 6.2 of interspire email marketer. I cant find a forum to request help anymore and the sup[port is really slow and I’m going in circles with them. I know they removed the forums etc but they still offer support but its kinda like talking to a brick wall, to be blunt.

    No emails are sent at all even though the test email works fine.

    Many thanks for any guidance to get it going.


    I haven’t heard of anyone else having that kind of issue on 6.2. Sounds frustrating, especially if you are just upgrading and everything worked before.


    To be honest I wasnt really using it as I was eventually going to upgrade my purchased licence (even at the higher cost) I actually got a nulled version to keep testing on a domain I preferred. I , as said would have upgraded anyway but then saw your post about the lower price so upgraded straight away and now cant get it working at all.

    Oh I even did a fresh install and the same issues occur so it wasnt somthing to do with the database. Although I am currently getting database log errors:

    You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that correspond… Internal Jan 15 2019 15:38:24

    INSERT INTO email_list_subscribers(listid, emailaddress, format, confirmed, confirmcode, subscribedate, bounced, unsubscribed, requestdate, requestip, confirmdate, confirmip, formid, domainname) VALUES (’37’, ‘[email protected]’, ‘h’, ‘0’, ‘4a6ba7070aede4aa852f5961cfee4da5’, 1547566704, ‘0’, ‘0’, 1547566704, ”, 0, ”, ‘1052’, )

    public_html/HTML/mail.mydomain.com/admin/functions/api/subscribers.php (Line 1040)

    Thanks for the response by the way, much appreciated.

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    OK, so Interspire are just not helping me get my latest purchase from the working. I sent them the login details and ftp details etc but theyre just not acting on them. So wondered if anyone is willing to let me have a copy of their files to test. Obviously files that havent been customized apart from any changes to get the install working. My only other course is to use a nulled version which I dont want to do as older versions don’t interact with mt email server which requires the STARTTLS function to accept emails. Either that or I may have to move to mailwhizz and hope it comes close to doing what I want. Thanks.


    OK so I sorted it after much frustration.

    It was the mail server rejecting the emails. As if I shouldnt have known that. My bad. Interspire are no longer blacklisted.


    Interspire eventually helped. Thanks

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