WooCommerce Product Specific User Subscription Plugin

Really easy. Upload to WordPress and install just like any other plugin

No. This product doesn’t effect your database tables and will not cause you to lose any data. We still recommend creating a backup before installing.

No, this is the only place it is available.

This has been tested with Interspire Email Marketer 6.0+

Yes, you can install and use on all YOUR WordPress websites. You may not share it with others.

Yes. In WooCommerce you need to set it to force customers to setup a user account upon checking out. If the customer doesn’t setup an account they will not be subscribed in Interspire.

The first name and last name as well as the customer’s email address. You must be using the default first and last name fields from Interspire on your contact list.

You can checkout on our website with a Visa or Mastercard or via Paypal.

If you landed on this site we have taken it for granted that you are already familiar with IEM. If not, click here for an overview.

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