SendGrid Bounce Processing Addon


  1. Installation
  2. IEM Setup and Usage
  3. Sendgrid Setup and Usage
  4. User Group Permissions
  5. Accessing and Reading Reports

1.0 Installation

WARNING: Please create a FULL file and database backup somewhere before replacing any file for this addon. Click here for instructions on backing up IEM.

To install addon you just need to upload the files in the zip file to the following directory:


Use FTP software and navigate to your IEM Install folder. Upload all the files in the Sendgrid folder to the addons directory.

Also, copy (do not move) the sendgridClass.php file to the root of your IEM installation at ieminstallfolder/

Then go to Interspire admin addons section and install the addon.

Installation complete

2.0 IEM Setup And Usage

Visit the Sendgrid Bounce Processing Settings Page found in the Tools menu

On this page you will find your HTTP Post URL for Sendgrid.

You also have a few options:

For the option SPAM Reports Processing, this will essentially turn the addon on or off. By default, it is on.

For the option Contact should be:

  • Suppress: If you select this option then bounced emails reported by Sendgrid will be added to the global suppression list
  • Unsubscribed: If you select this option then bounced emails reported by Sendgrid will be unsubscribed

Clicking on either of the buttons will take you to a log where you can see the respective report.

3.0 Sendgrid Setup And Usage

  1. Login to your Sendgrid Admin panel, then go to Settings then Mail Settings. Make sure that the “Event Notification” app is Enabled.
  2. Go to “Event Notification” Settings, on “HTTP Post URL” input field, enter the URL from your Sendgrid configuration page as described above.
  3. Down on that page, make sure you mark “Bounced” and “SPAM” on action list. Then, Save.

4.0 User Group Permissions

You will need to add the Sendgrid permissions for each user group in your system. If you do not grant these permissions the user will still have bounces processed based on the system-wide settings set but will not have visibility to the stats pages.

5.0 Accessing & Reading Reports

You will have a new Sendgrid Bounce Statistics option in your primary statistics menu.

Then view your stats log with charts:

Below the chart, you can also see a list of each email address bounced. Click on the + icon to expand that contact and see the bounce reason as sent by SendGrid