Re-Engagement Addon


  1. Installation
  2. Cron Support
  3. Creating Campaigns
  4. Re-Engagement Report
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

1.0 Installation

WARNING: Please create a FULL file and database backup somewhere before replacing any file for this addon. Click here for instructions on backing up IEM.

Use FTP software and navigate to your IEM Install folder.

To install addon you just need to upload the folder labeled “reengagement” within the zip file to the following directory:


Then go to Interspire admin addons section and install the addon. Then enable it.

Go to Cron Settings and set Re-Engagement Campaigns cron schedule.

Installation complete

2.0 Cron Support

Visit your Settings > Cron page and configure how often you would like the Re-Engagement campaigns to run

3.0 Creating Re-Engagement Campaigns

A re-engagement campaign is basically an instance of the addon checking lists for inactive subscribers and either copying or moving a contact based on that criteria.

To build a campaign look in the “Autoresponders” menu of IEM. You should see a new option “Re-Engagement Campaigns.”

Below is a screenshot you can refer to. Here are instructions:

  • Give Your Re-engagement a Name: Call this whatever you wish to refer to it internally
  • Choose List For Check Subscriber: This is the list the addon will reference when checking each subscriber for activity
  • Type of Re-engagement: You have three options:
    • Not Click – If you select this option any contact on the list(s) selected above, who has not clicked on any link in a campaign in the designated number of days will be selected
    • Not Open – If you select this option any contact on the list(s) selected above, who has not opened any campaign in the designated number of days will be selected
    • Not Open/Click – If you select this option any contact on the list(s) selected above, who has not opened any campaign or clicked on any link will be selected
  • Check Last Number of Days: For how long do you want a contact to be inactive (as defined in the step above) before they should be selected for action? If you input 120 then any contact who meets the above criteria over the last 120 days will be selected for action.
  • Remove From Current List: If you check this box, each contact selected for action will removed from their current contact list.
  • Transfer On List: Select the list(s) you would like selected contact for action to be copied to if they meet the above criteria in the above timeline
  • Re-Engagement Run On: Choose how often you wish the addon to run this “campaign” and move contacts. The addon requires significant server resources to run so we suggest running it less frequently than you might otherwise think
  • Fix Date and Time: Based on the option you choose above you may be prompted to choose a time of day and/or day of the week to have the campaign run. We encourage selected off-peak hours as this will demand significant server resources.

4.0 Re-Engagement Report

Each Re-Engagement campaign also provides a report you can access at anytime to see a log of it’s activity. In the report you can see any contacts that have been moved/copied to the new list along with the reason they were identified and the date/time they were moved. To access a campaigns report click the report link in the campaigns row in the primary Re-Engagement Campaigns page.

Here is an example report:

5.0 Frequently Asked Questions

Really easy. Follow instructions in Read-me file to upload the addon files to your Interspire Email Marketer Addons folder via FTP. Then install and activate via the IEM addons dashboard.

No. This product will not cause you to lose any data. We still recommend creating a backup before installing.

This has been tested with Interspire Email Marketer 6.0+

Yes, you can install and use on all YOUR install of Interspire. You may NOT share it with others.

You can setup a “re-engagement campaign” to identify contacts based on their not having opened any emails or not having clicked any links during a defined number of recent days.

Yes. When creating a “re-engagement campaign” you can choose to delete the contact or NOT delete the contact from the original contact list.

You can checkout on our website with a Visa or Mastercard or via Paypal.

If you landed on this site we have taken it for granted that you are already familiar with IEM. If not, click here for an overview.