Mobile Version Addon


  1. Installation
  2. Cron Support
  3. Frequently Asked Questions

1.0 Installation

WARNING: Please create a FULL file and database backup somewhere before replacing any file for this addon. Click here for instructions on backing up IEM.

Use FTP software and navigate to your IEM Install folder.

To install addon you just need to upload the folder labeled “mobileversion” within the zip file to the following directory:


Then go to Interspire admin addons section and install the addon. Then enable it.

Installation complete

2.0 User Group Permissions

The Mobile Version addon allows the admin to choose which user groups will see the mobile version interface when logging in from a mobile phone.

Select the User Group you wish to edit.

Scroll down the permissions list until you come to “Mobile Version of IEM”

You can optionally give the user permission/access to:

  • Newsletter Stats Display
  • Mobile Version Dashboard
  • Mobile Version Newsletter Send
  • Mobile Version Campaign
  • Mobile Version Autoresponder
  • Mobile Version Contact List
  • Mobile Version Profile
  • Mobile Version Subscriber
  • Mobile Version Campaign Schedule
  • Mobile Version Campaign Review
  • Mobile Version Newsletter Copy
  • Mobile Version Survey Access

Note that if you do not grant the user group any Mobile Version permissions they will not be able to access the program from a mobile browser at all.

3.0 Frequently Asked Questions

No. This addon makes Interspire Email Marketer display on mobile phone browsers in a way that is more user friendly and compatible to a mobile screen.

Just open your internet browser on your cell phone and navigate to your IEM install the same way you do on your desktop.

No, this addon addresses the more common functionality that users would need to perform from a mobile phone while on the go but it doesn’t give one fully and unlimited access to all the desktop browser functions of Interspire Email Marketer. For more details read the product description.

This is an Addon. Installing it will not require editing any core files. It should not be effected by any other addons or other custom development you may have implemented but we cannot guarantee compatibility with any development you may have done.

Yes, complete instructions are in the readme file included in the product download but essentially you just upload the addon folder to your IEM install and install/enable it via the Settings/Addons page.

Clear your mobile browser cache and browsing history. If this doesn’t resolve the issue please submit a support ticket on our help desk.

There is no current solution to this problem. Interspire says they are using standard flash to render these charts but even flash enabled mobile browsers are not displaying. We don’t have a current plan to fix/support the charts and graphs.

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