Interspire User Subscription Plugin for WordPress

Setup and Configuration Instructions

Plugin Installation:This installs the same as any other WordPress pluginDownload the plugin zip file from your account page after checkout

Via WordPress visit the Plugins menu and click on “Add New”

Via the Upload option navigate your computer and find the zip file

Install and Activate the plugin


Plugin Configuration:

Look for the plugin settings menu under “Tools”

Enter your API Credentials from Interspire Email Marketer

Find these credentials under the user account “Advanced Settings.” Note that only the system admin enable and view user’s XML settings.

Enable XML for User Account

Click on Save Changes.

Now, next to each User Type you wish to configure use the pull down menu to select an email contact list.

Click on the “Edit Fields” button.

Each of your custom fields from Interspire Email Marketer will be displayed with a pull down menu.

Use the pull down menu to map the corresponding WordPress User Meta field to that custom field.

Click on Save Changes.


Watch this Configuration Video for Additional Directions:

Plugin Configuration

No guarantees. We cannot test this with every existing plugin and theme or combination of them. The plugin is coded to work with the very core of WordPress hooks and code but we suggest you inquire via our contact form with specific compatibility questions.

The plugin’s core functionality will only allow you to map any given user type to a single contact list. However, Interspire’s triggers will allow you to automatically add a new contact from one list to any number of additional lists.

The plugin uses Interspire’s built in XML API to send new contacts to contact lists.

XML information is only visible to system admins of Interspire. If you are not a system admin you need to request your XML credentials from your system admin. If you are the system admin you can find your XML credentials (or those of any user) by visiting the user account and clicking on Advanced Settings. See image below.

Enable XML for User Account

Yes, this leverages the very basic XML API functionality of Interspire Email Marketer. If for some reason Interspire were to make a significant change to their software we would endeavor to make the necessary change and update to the plugin and make it available at no cost to our past customers.

The plugin settings can be found under Tools.

Make sure that the custom fields you want to use are added to the selected contact list in Interspire Email Marketer. When you select the contact list in the plugin configuration the plugin pings your IEM installation and retrieves a list of all the custom fields attached to that list.

Yes, anytime a WordPress user is changed the new data will push to Interspire and update the contact record.

The plugin sends all the information added to the user account at the point of the user account creation to Interspire Email Marketer. Information added to or edited in the User Account after the initial user account creation will NOT be sent to IEM. Some “User Registration” plugins for WordPress can cause issues because they create the user account first and then they add the additional user information to the profile. For best results we recommend the “User Registration Aide” plugin by Brian Novotny for advanced user registration functionality that is compatible with our plugin.