ezSES Addon

Q: What is ezSES?

A: ezSES is an Interspire Add-on that allows the Interspire Email Marketing platform to utilize the Amazon SES service while maintaining the ability to automatically process bounces.


Q:Why do I need ezSES?

A:If you currently use, or wish to use Amazon SES as your service for sending mass emails you will find that you are unable to use IEM’s Automated Bounce/Complaint handling mechanisms. ezSES adds this ability to your installation of Interspire Email Marketer


Q: Why doesn’t IEM’s default Bounce/Complaint handling work with Amazon SES?

A: IEM adds a special header to the email for internal tracking of the individual email message. Unfortunately Amazon strips this header information out of the email message, leaving IEM unable to reference the subscriber.


Q: What version of Interspire do I need?

A: Minimum version: 6.1.4


Q: Are there any special considerations for using ezSES?

A: If you are currently running IEM on your server successfully, then you will have no problem using the ezSES add-on.


Q: What support is available

A: Installation Support – an installation guide is provide with the download. Ongoing support – Ongoing support is available for 1 year from the initial purchase. A renewal license must be purchased to receive support after the first year.


Q: My installation of IEM is heavily customized. Will ezSES still work?

A: Yes! ezSES comes with instructions on how and what files to edit in order to install it into a customized IEM installation.


Q: I’m running multiple installations of IEM. How many ezSES licenses do I need?

A: You will need one license for each installation of IEM.


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