WooCommerce Interspire Email Marketer Plugin Updated

Woocommerce and InterspireToday we have released an update to the WooCommerce Interspire Email Marketer WordPress plugin.

Previously the plugin created an option for admins to correlate any WooCommerce product with a specific Interspire contact list. When a customer purchased that product they were added to the corresponding contact list(s).

At the request of our customers, an additional feature has been added that allows the admin to designate a “master contact list” to which all customers, regardless of products purchased will be added. This works in addition to the existing functionality.

If a customer purchases product A, and product A has a configured contact list then the customer would be added BOTH to the Product A contact list and the master contact list after checkout.

For existing customers of the WooCommerce Interspire plugin, the new version is available for download in your account page.

For questions about this latest update please contact us.

If interested please visit the product page: https://www.iemaddons.com/product/woocommerce-per-product-subscription-for-interspire-email-marketer