The Maborak Interspire Email Marketer Addons

The biggest name in Interspire Email Marketer is probably Maborak. Maborak has spent several years working on custom addons for Interspire Email Marketer and arguably has some of the best. Anyone who sends high volume of email is probably going to be looking for a MTA addon among other things. Maborak has also developed a great social media template addon as well, spinning, advanced export/backup, geo-location stats, and the best multiple language addon I’ve seen so far.

If you do a quick Google search for Interspire Email Marketer you are likely to go through about 10 results pages only to find out that every website out there is selling the exact same products… generally those developed by Maborak or products designed to compete with the same.

I’m not trying to drive all my customers to a competitor, I’m simply acknowledging that Maborak is there and does great work and you can buy his product from 50 different re-sellers. That said, there are so many more opportunities for customization and functionality beyond what has been developed. Our business model at is to NOT compete with the existing functionality that has been developed. We don’t want to be one more MTA addon.

Our business model is to go out on a ledge and work on NEW developments that nobody else has brought to market. Often times this means developing it ourselves. Other times we have purchased existing custom development from developers or IEM users who have already proven and tested it; to make available for all of our customers. Either way know that we intend to bring you more options and more functions and try to make them all available in one place!