Suppression Management Addon for Interspire Email Market Updated for v7.x and v8.x

Greetings, Interspire enthusiasts!

For those of you who’ve been using our addon to enhance the management of suppressed contacts in Interspire Email Marketer, we’re thrilled to share that it has been updated to work with version 7 and version 8 of Interspire. The usual features of this add on are the same.

  1. Search Suppressed Contacts: Find suppressed contacts with ease! Our “Search Suppressed Contacts” option, available under the Contacts menu, enables a comprehensive search – by domain, specific email, or any text string.
  2. Export Suppressed Contacts: Exporting your suppressed contacts data is now possible. The “Export Suppressed Contacts” feature lets you select either individual lists or the global suppression list for suppressed contacts for export, outputting them in a familiar CSV file format.
  3. Delete via Import: This new feature stands out for its efficiency. Navigate to “Delete Suppressed Contacts,” upload a CSV, and the addon cross-checks contacts against your selected suppression list, removing any matches.