SendGrid Addon For Interspire Email Marketer Released

SendGrid is a popular and reliable SMTP service provider. If you want to use Interspire Email Marketer as your application and SendGrid as your SMTP service you will find one significant issue…. BOUNCE PROCESSING.

You have probably reviewed the SendGrid/Interspire integration documentation but found that when it comes to bounce integration you basically have to hire a developer in order to ensure that not only bounces, but all spam reports are removed from or suppressed from your contact lists.

No email marketer wants their lists clogged with contacts whose email addresses are fake, email inboxes are full, or otherwise can’t and won’t receive emails. It throws off open and click analytics, costs you more money in data and sending, and jeopardizes your sending reputation having a negative impact on deliverability.

So we built an addon to make this all work and integrate perfectly so you don’t have to spend a lot on a developer. 

After you install our addon, simply configure your SendGrid account (instructions included) to notify the new SendGrid addon and when contacts bounce or mark you as SPAM the addon will either suppress them or mark them as unsubscribed (your choice).