RSS Campaigns Addon Updated to Version 2

Last year we released a RSS Campaign addon for Interspire Email Marketer. The addon allows users to configure RSS feeds to be sent out via email to defined contact lists in Interspire Email Marketer. Our customers love the concept but gave us a lot of feedback on how to improve the product. We have now finalized version 2 of the addon. Here are a list of fixes and changes.

-There appeared to be some conflicts when there was more than one RSS Campaign setup with the same RSS feed. This has been resolved
-Change “Fix Date & Time” to “Fixed Date & Time”
-Change: “A rss emailer allows you to send different versions of an email campaign and see which performed better” to “A RSS Campaign allows you to deliver RSS feed items via email to your contacts”
-Change “Max Element” to “Max Elements”
-Change “send” to “Manual Send” to clarify that functionality
-Remove “Create RSS Campaign” button from “View Email Campaigns” page
-Weekly Digest working had issues. Resolved
-In scheduled Email Queue it showed Campaign type as “RSS Campaign Campaign.” Changed to “RSS Campaign”

More flexibility around Subject Lines. User now has these three options:
1. Use Email Campaign Template
2. Use RSS Feed Title
3. Use Most Recent RSS Feed Item Title

-Removed Save and Send Button – Make Save and Exit Only Option
-Removed the hard-coded inline CSS style in /rssemailer/templates/rssemailer_form.tpl: line 260; remove style=”height:20px;” 
-Removed Column “Campaigns”
-Added Column “Next Scheduled Send” that shows date & time of the next send for that campaign
-Added option to mark a RSS campaign as Active or Inactive (just like autoresponders)
-Added option for incorporating Google Analytics into campaign in the same way it can be done when sending a normal campaign
-Added functionality to not allow user to change bounce info if system admin settings don’t allow it. It will now auto-fill the bounce email from the application default bounce settings.