RSS Addon for Interspire Email Marketer Updated

rssOur RSS Addon has been recently updated to version 2.5. To learn more about the addon click: RSS Sending for Interspire

Here is a list of the various fixes and additional features in version 2.5


FIX: Campaigns were sometimes sent twice

FIX: The Manual Send option was not working. It has been removed and replaced with a campaign preview option.

ADD: In the campaign editor screen a new campaign preview box is available.

ADD: New scheduling option to send based on number of minutes

FIX: Before the 1st send of any campaign it showed a weird date from 1967. This has been fixed

FIX: Various typos and interface changes to make options more clear

ADD: New shortcodes have been added:

-%%RSS_TITLE%% Inserts Feed Title

-%%RSS_URL%% Inserts URL of the Feed or Channel

-%%RSS_DATE%% Inserts the Date the Feed was last updated