Page Breaks in Interspire Email Marketer Surveys

By default, the Survey Addon introduced in Interspire Email Marketer 6.0 doesn’t allow for page breaks. Users can only build out pages that exist fully in a single page. In the case of longer surveys this is often intimidating for the survey taker and they are less likely to complete the full survey. If the survey can be built out into several smaller pages the taker is less intimidated and more likely to complete the survey.

Our roll-out of an upgrade to the Interspire Email Marketer Survey tool allows for page breaks to be inserted so users can paginate between pages of various survey questions. It is easy to use. Look for the “Page Break” option under the question types and drag and drop it where you want it on your survey. ┬áTo learn more about this and other featured added to our update checkout our Advanced Survey Addon for Interspire.

Page Break Survey Interspire Email Marketer Page Pagination