New Addon Released: Copy Autoresponders

Copying an autoresponder from one contact list to another contact list to another is difficult. The only way to do it is to copy the entire HTML code for the campaign to your clipboard and paste it into the the new autoresponder on the new list. If you have a whole series of these it could take hours.

This is why we made this new addon. This addon makes it easy and fast to quickly copy an entire series of autoresponders from one list to another with a push of a button. Install the addon and you will find a new tool in the Autoresponder menu called “Copy Autoresponders.”

copy autoresponder to list


Features Include:

  • All autoresponders will copy over to the designated contact list.
  • All newly copied autoresponders on the new list will be marked inactive
  • The schedule (when autoresponders are scheduled to send to contacts) will copy
  • We have tested copying up to 100 autoresponders at the same time without issue. It moves FAST.

Interested? Click here to learn more.