New Addon Available: Advanced User Suppression

Advanced SuppressionThe email address suppression system of Interspire Email Marketer is a critical piece of the overall program. It is however flawed. For example, if you are ever exporting a contact list to use in a different installation of Interspire you will inadvertently export contacts who were suppressed because the exporting system doesn’t distinguish between suppressed contacts and other contacts. Furthermore, while the system admin can keep a global suppression list, individual users cannot and thus have the burden of suppressing contacts on each list one by one. Lastly, if you have multiple users who share access to a single contact list you may want to empower them to have unique suppression lists that don’t effect the other user. Lastly, the default Interspire Email Marketer doesn’t give you any way to Search Suppressed Email Addresses. Our Advanced User Suppression Addon addresses these issues.

The key features added to Interspire Email Marketer are:

  • Each user has their own Global Suppression List that doesn’t effect other users but does work against all their future email campaigns on all lists.
  • System admin can now view Global Suppression lists for each individual user
  • Added feature when exporting contact lists. You can now choose to export ALL contacts, or ONLY Suppressed or ONLY Non-Suppressed email addresses on the list.
  • Added feature when searching for contacts you can choose to search ALL contacts, or ONLY Suppressed or ONLY Non-Suppressed email addresses.
  • If multiple users share access to one contact list, one user’s suppressed email addresses will not effect the other user.

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We have tested this addon to be compatible with all our other products and addons when installed on Interspire Email Marketer 6.0+. It also has been tested to work with all Maborak addons.

Search Suppressed Contacts Export Suppressed Contacts